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Kitchen Cabinets To Emphasize Style, Space, And Satisfaction

If you are looking for the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, SunSky Interiors offers kitchen cabinets that are both gorgeous and practical. The quintessential kitchen storage tool, kitchen cabinets offer you the opportunity to make or break your kitchen, thanks to their foundational role and visual stature. Your kitchen cabinets can determine whether your kitchen looks like it belongs in the 80’s, or if it is the shining example of perfect kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinets Calgary

The journey to find kitchen cabinets that match your tastes can be a long one. Many kitchen cabinets tend to be overpriced and inaccessible — that is, until you work with SunSky Interiors. We have all the cabinet designs you need to give your kitchen personality and functionality, all wrapped into one.

  • All of our cabinets are made by qualified professionals – using exceptional materials to ensure that they will last far beyond their prime.
  • Our wide scope of options allows us to provide you with cabinets to match your lifestyle and your specific needs without any compromise.
  • The diverse range of materials we provide assures that we can customize the cabinets to your kitchen’s tone and look.

One-Of-A-Kind Cabinet Designs Coupled With Reasonable Pricing

For the past [insert number here] years, SunSky Interiors has provided high-quality cabinets and other kitchen essentials to families in Calgary. Thanks to our countless years of Calgary kitchen renovations experience, we have learned the most efficient and effective ways to create cabinets that are both affordable and alluring.
  • A unique service! We offer the perfect blend of elegance and performance to guarantee that your kitchen doesn't just look outstanding, but renders an experience unlike any other.
  • Local Expertise! SunSky Interiors works locally to ensure that we are connected with the families that use our products. We want to make sure that the people around us are able to gain quality supplies without any inconvenience.
  • Custom Millwork Calgary! Our team of professionals will work alongside you through the entire process to certify that you get only the best cabinets and measurements for your kitchen.
  • Premium Quality! Our cabinets offer the quality and flexibility of those that are custom-made. Thanks to our large selection of materials and crafting styles, we are able to match almost every single one of your requirements when it comes to getting new kitchen cabinets.

Start off with a free in-home consultation for your new custom kitchen cabinets in Calgary.

Cabinets can be the defining measure of a kitchen. Immediately, the eye is drawn to the beauty — or lack thereof — of the cabinets. That is why we have made it easy for you to get the exact cabinets your kitchen needs, as well as how to measure and install them effectively.

Here are some basic cabinet measurement principles:

Kitchen cabinets are split into three categories: tile cabinets, wall cabinets, and base cabinets.

Tall cabinets live up to their name, with their height ranging anywhere between 7 to 8 feet. The depth ranges from 1 to 1 1/2 feet. Tall cabinets tend to stand on the floor, but also have the capability to be attached the wall. They’re namely are used in pantries and areas of the like.

Wall cabinets are also fairly self-explanatory. Anywhere from 1 to 4 feet high and 1 to 1 1/2 feet deep, these cabinets are installed on the wall, usually above stoves or countertops.

Base cabinets range around 3 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet deep. Thanks to their floor installation, they are able to support the countertops that you can use to cook your masterpieces.

We also offer constructional diversity when it comes to our cabinets. Stock cabinets are bought pre-made and pre-planned. The most economically friendly option, these mass-produced cabinets provide universal beauty, but can’t live up to custom requirements thanks to their readymade status.
Ready-to-assemble cabinets do not have as much versatility as custom cabinets, but still present a wider range of materials and construction. The at-home assembly allows you to save an exorbitant amount of money, and the actual act of constructing these cabinets is extremely simple.
Semi-custom cabinetry provides some of the most versatile and flexible offerings. While there are certain standard regulations that can’t be overcome, the diverse materials and styles are unmatched. These are perfect for people who are ready to make their dream kitchen, down to the very finishing of the cabinet.

Beautiful Kitchen Design Calgary Affordable Prices

Calgary Kitchen Renovations – Just Got Easier!

We have the expertise to provide complete and utter attention to your cabinetry needs. Whether you choose to assemble your cabinets yourself, or hire one of our professionals to create your perfect kitchen, we are by your side throughout the entire process. Our entire collection has great choices and flexibility to suit any kitchen and requirements. Our products aren’t just beautiful—they are ergonomic, and last decades thanks to their wonderful build quality. When you purchase a cabinet from us, we:

  • Ensure the lowest prices for the highest quality
  • Use materials that have been thoroughly vetted for quality and sustainability
  • Provide one of the largest selection of colors, styles, finishing, and more customizable aspects of your cabinets in order to assure that you have your dream kitchen
  • Give our complete and utter attention to you, without passing you off to a subcontractor or a freelancer.
When you install a quality cabinet set in your kitchen, you do not just increase your property value and make your home look more beautiful. You also grow your kitchen storage space and create the perfect place for you to cook and enjoy your meals.

Are You Ready For A Kitchen Makeover?

Kitchen cabinetry has the potential to completely transform an outdated and under-used kitchen into a hub of spices and cuisine. When you put the time and care into your kitchen, it is reflected not only in your food, but in your house as a whole. Cabinets can provide structural integrity to your kitchen and allow you to have pride whenever you want to use it to its fullest extent
When you purchase a cabinet from SunSky Interiors, you ensure that your kitchen will look modern and open for anyone to admire. Our team of installation experts will make sure your cabinets to look more beautiful than ever, combined with lovely functionality. When you work with SunSky Interiors, you make sure that you never need a new cabinet anytime soon, thanks to our emphasis on providing exceptional customer service and design ideas.


Seamless Installation

We are ready to be on hand to help you resolve any issues that you may experience during your installation. Once you finish installing, our team will confirm that you have done everything correctly and assist you in any last requirements you may have, allowing you to have the peace of mind that comes with brand new cabinets and proper structural integrity. Don’t just transform your kitchen—transform your house and your lifestyle by contacting our professionals for a consultation today. Our team of experts are known for being some of the most passionate and committed cabinet professionals out there. Thanks to their countless years of experience, you have the expertise of top-tier decorators and constructors.

Easy & Simple Process

When you buy cabinets from us, you don’t just get a cabinet—you get a full experience. Our comprehensive cabinet selection process allows you to gain all the information and expertise you may need. Every step of the process is designed to make this process more accessible to you.


Step 1: Consultation

We setup a consultation so our designers know how to exceed your wildest expectations. We take note and give the utmost consideration to your ideas, requirements, and aspirations, and create excellent suggestions and models out of those.

Step 2: Measurements

After you have spoken with our designers, our technicians will take measurements so that each and every cabinet is fitted perfectly into your kitchen.

Step 3: 3D Model

We provide a 3-D model that is an almost exact representation of your kitchen, simply to show you how your cabinets will energize, beautify, and fortify your kitchen. If there’s anything that you feel is missing or less than ideal, no worries! We are on-hand to fix it right away.

Step 4: Customization

After you approve the final model, we’ll work with you to customize the cabinets to your needs and desires. This includes color, materials, finishing, and other details.

Step 5: Installation

Finally, you are just one step away from your dream kitchen. Our installation experts will come and assist you or install the cabinets for you themselves.

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