Writing an essay Four phases of the Writing Process

For a lot of students and aspirants to write for academic purposes essays are fundamental learning tools that help them learn the essential information needed to further their careers. Essays have a lot of importance because they let writers communicate their thoughts. An essay is, in essence an academic writing piece that presents the author’s argument. However this broad definition could be confusing and can overlap with that of a personal letter or paper. Essays are usually classified as formal and persuasive.

The writing process comprises four main stages: discovery, evaluation, conclusion. The discovery phase is when the writer is actively involved in the research and writing process on the subject. In this phase writing, the writer decides the direction of the study, through which he or she identifies and selects appropriate research sources. This phase is especially useful if the essay is for an assignment for a class or for a personal journal.

During the evaluation stage the writer is able to critically analyze the arguments outlined in support of the main portion of the essay. In general, at this point, the evaluation phase includes an analysis of the style, grammar, language and other writing aspects. This is a crucial aspect of academic writing. It requires a lot of time effort, skill, and effort to accurately assess the writing skills of the my highschool life writer.

At this stage along with any corrections to the essay students should conduct a review of the essay and any accompanying photographs, illustrations or references. Remember that the goal of the essay is to present ideas and arguments backed by research and evidence. It is important that students analyze arguments presented to back up their arguments. Numerous essay writing tips can be helpful to students in order to maximize the essay’s effectiveness.

In the phase of development, the writer gathers all necessary information and data regarding the subject. This phase of the writing process aims to improve writing skills and determine if the essay’s content is appropriate for the topic. It is at this point of the writing process that a writer can expect to be able determine the tone and flow of the essay. The writer should be able to establish the structure of the essay. This will enable the writer to effectively communicate his or her ideas in an organized and clear way.

The writer can proceed to the development phase after having completed the initial phase. The student can develop his or her writing abilities in this phase by studying and reading other essays on the topic. The student can also write their own essay. This part of writing aims to improve writing skills and pinpoint areas for improvement.

The third stage of the writing process refers to the research and evaluation phase. During this phase students are required to gather and analyze the most relevant information about the topic being discussed. The student must complete extensive research and read the literature. This phase enables the student to identify what facts are relevant and valuable, as well as the research and opinions that are significant.

This stage allows students to create a new and unique perspective on a particular topic. This stage allows students to develop new and unique ideas and challenge current views. The fourth phase of the writing process refers to the development of the essay’s content and the organization of the essay.

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